2019 Debut Fantasy Author of  Tell Us the Mermaid Story


Plus the upcoming 2020 Release of MERQUATICANS: Chronicles of the Merpeople


WHO IS:  Beka R. March?     Author of “Tell Us the Mermaid Story”                               

BEKA R. MARCH is a pseudonym created by writer and author Charmaine Baker Greenwood. She is a divorced mother of one (adult son), and she resides in Los Angeles California. She has always loved writing, and her formal writing career began when she combined her nickname (Charm) with her maiden name (Baker), to create the pen name Charm Baker, the one she’s most known by. Her diverse portfolio as a non-fiction writer began to take a back seat, when she successfully completed the 2016 National Novel Writing (Nano) challenge and published a work of fiction called “Skipping Childhood,. Baker did a repeat Nano performance with, “Lights Out at the Moulin Rougethe following year.  But what about Beka R. March?


For the 2019 Nano event, Charm Baker moved aside, and allowed for the creation of a new pseudonym, thus Beka R. March was technically born on December 1st 2019. Not only is Beka R. March a debut fantasy author, but her stories and books will all be specifically centered around the mermaid theme.


If you’re a big mermaid fan and you like your mermaids to stay in the water, you won’t want to miss out on any of the upcoming Beka R. March mermaid tails (pun intended). You can start by picking up a copy of the novella. Don’t forget to LEAVE A REVIEW and stay tuned for the coming release of the first book in the series of “Merquatican: Chronicles of the Merpeople.”



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